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Project Description

This project is a simple project management solution. This will allow you to manage your clients, track bug reports, request additional features to projects that you are currently working on and much more.

A client will be allowed to have multiple users, so that you can track who has made reports etc and provide them feedback.

The solution is set-up so that if you require you can modify the styling to fit your companies needs with ease, you can even have multiple styles that can be set on a per user basis.

This solution will be written using : C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, SQL Server 2008.

29th May 2012

At this time, the project has only been set-up. Included in the first update for this project, I will provide the project with it's frame, so that you will be able to see the layout of the front end. If I have the time, I will also begin work on the SQL Server Database aspect of the solution.

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